I was born in Belgium (Li├Ęge) in 1997 (20 years old). I had my first musical instrument at 5 years old, and I took conservatory lessons all my childhood, it is at 13 years old that I discovered the drum and bass and I started the production at 16 years.

I produce new Jump Up, quite melodic but with a lot of punch.


I started mixing a few months later. I landed my first international booking at 17 in Paris. After I released my first two EP on Dub Voltage, I was spotted by Eazy and I've been part of WalkingDeadCrew for several months now.


I've been mixing at parties like Jump Up Warrior, Invaderz, Night Grinderz, Subwave, Nemesis, Therapy Dnb (UK). Hedex, Macky Gee, Jack The Ripper, Looney, Kre and many more



Via e-mail: bookings@outlawartistagency.com

Via telephone: +32 484 969 135